Hay Pouch

Hay Pouch

Introducing the Verde Veda Hay Pouch, a harmonious blend of earthy aesthetics and innovative design. Crafted from plant-based coconut leather in a rich leafy green hue, this pouch is not only trendy but also environmentally conscious, making it an essential accessory for the eco-conscious traveler.


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Product Features:

Size: Designed for practicality and style, the Hay Pouch measures H= 6.5″x L= 9.25″, offering ample space to accommodate your passport, small travel diary, or other essentials while remaining sleek and compact.

Material: Made from coconut leather, this pouch exudes raw beauty and organic charm, adding a touch of nature to your travel accessories. The zip closure, featuring L Green No 5 with a Golden runner, combines functionality with elegance.

Design: With a single compartment design, our Hay Pouch offers simplicity and versatility. Its innovative use of plant-based materials sets it apart, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly fashion.

Weight: Weighing just 0.54gms, this lightweight pouch is perfect for carrying your travel essentials without adding unnecessary bulk to your luggage or bag.

Versatile Usage:

The Verde Veda Hay Pouch is designed to enhance your travel experience:

Passport Holder: Safely store your passport in this stylish and eco-friendly pouch, ensuring it’s protected and easily accessible during your travels.

Small Travel Diary Holder: Keep your travel diary or notebook secure and organized in the Hay Pouch, allowing you to jot down your thoughts and experiences on the go.

Elevate your travel style with the Verde Veda Hay Pouch, where innovation meets sustainability in a seamless fusion of beauty and functionality. Embrace the organic charm of coconut leather and make a statement with this trendy and eco-conscious accessory. Get yours today and embark on your journey with style and conscience.


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