How Totes Take Your Conference & Event Swag to the Next Level

Conference and event swag bags are a fantastic way to leave a lasting impression on attendees. But with so many options, choosing the right swag can be tricky. Here’s where totes come in! Totes are not only practical and reusable, but they also offer a large branding canvas to showcase your company or event. Let’s explore four tote styles that can elevate your swag game:

  1. Mélange Tote: Sophisticated Simplicity

The Mélange Tote is a perfect choice for a sleek and stylish look. Often made from a blend of materials like cotton and polyester, it offers a touch of texture while remaining lightweight. This tote is ideal for conferences with a professional atmosphere. Customize it with your company logo or event theme in a subtle tone-on-tone embroidery for a timeless elegance.

Melange-Tote New York

  1. Voguish Tote: Make a Statement

For a bold and eye-catching option, the Voguish Tote is your pick. This tote can come in vibrant colors or even feature trendy patterns. Use it for events with a younger demographic or a focus on creativity. Personalize it with a bold logo or a catchy event slogan to ensure attendees reach for it time and again.

Voguish-Tote New York

  1. Foldable Tote: Convenience on the Go

The Foldable Tote is all about practicality. It folds up compactly, making it easy for attendees to carry around without taking up much space. This is ideal for conferences with a packed schedule or those involving travel. Consider using a water-resistant or recycled material for the Foldable Tote to emphasize its eco-friendly nature. Brand it with a simple logo or a QR code leading to event resources for a functional touch.

Foldable-Tote New York

  1. Russet Tote: Classic with a Rustic Charm

The Russet Tote offers a warm and earthy aesthetic. Often crafted from natural materials like canvas or jute, it exudes a sense of quality and durability. This tote is perfect for events with an outdoorsy theme or a focus on sustainability. Personalize it with a debossed logo or a nature-inspired design to complement its rustic charm.

Russet-Tote New York

Tote Bags: More Than Just Swag

Beyond aesthetics, totes offer several benefits:

  • Reusable: Attendees will likely use the tote long after the event, keeping your brand visible.
  • Large Branding Area: Totes provide ample space for showcasing your logo, event theme, or a creative message.
  • Versatility: Totes can be used for groceries, gym clothes, or everyday errands, maximizing their use.

Choosing the Right Tote

Consider these factors when selecting a tote for your event:

  • Event Theme: Match the tote style to the overall tone and theme of your conference or event.
  • Target Audience: Think about your attendees’ preferences and what kind of tote they’d likely use.
  • Branding Goals: Decide how you want to use the tote to promote your brand or event message.

By selecting the right tote and customizing it thoughtfully, you can transform a simple bag into a valuable piece of conference or event swag that attendees will appreciate and use for years to come.

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